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A refreshed website thinking about the user/visit, at the beginning there were only flash games then came Shockwave, then Unity, then come the games for mobile, tablet and smartphone devices (cell phone/mobile phone), starting with games for Android and now now for iPad and iPhone, Microsoft Windows Phone (Nokia and Lumia) and also BlackBerry, finally html5 games for all World mobile devices to play online without download. This site is also now 100% optimized for all mobile devices.Panda Free Games is a website originally created in portuguese, with automatic translation to english using web tools but always with human revision and manual text insertion. Have Flash, Unity and Shockwave games to play online on PC Computer and for download on Android Tablet and Smartphone/Android Phone on Google Play by applications (apps/apk), iOS iPad iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. For ages from 4 to 99 years old, from children (kids boys and girls) and adults.Free Games to play online and download games at Panda Free Games! This website guarantees entertainment and lots of fun for many years for all children, adolescents and adults. Games for all ages, from 4 to 99 years, the games are for everyone. Here you can play and also learn playing, this is Panda Free Games, the best entertainment site where you will find the funniest free games from across the web to play for hours and to come back every day. Already more than 15,000 games available to play online or download for Android. The boys prefer Car Games and kids prefer Children Games but all the other games are also great, the best you’ll find. Play here and now the best free games available in Flash, Shockwave and Unity, if you don’t have any programs installed on your computer, the link to the installation will appear on the game page. For those who enter for Android (tablet or smartphone) there are too many games to download directly through Google Play, also for iOS iPhone and iPad on iTunes, for BlackBerry in BlackBerry World and Windows Phone on Windows Phone Microsoft store. The fun is such that the doubt is where to start, but we have the solution, play today and come back tomorrow, and play tomorrow and COME BACK ALWAYS!Play Free Online Games! The latest free flash games to play online added to this website. Come to play the best free flash games from all the web. We have the best selection of those who we consider the TOP of web games and we also have our own games to play here without stopping. What are you waiting for? Come to play for several hours, games of many categories, games in Flash, Shockwave, Unity and even download games for Android tablet. Thousands of games you will find and everything here is 100% free and only do not play who do not want. YOU WANNA PLAY? So...PLAY NOW...non-stop playing!